The Boat House (1,000,000VND/4pax/n

This cabin offers a unique experience on the lake, where water surrounds you. It has 2 bedrooms and a private bathroom (not toilet), perfect for 4 people. The shared toilets is 30m away (next to the coffee lounge)

The Goo House (1,000,000VND/4p/n)
This cabin can be ideal for a small family, it has two rooms and a little living room with a sofa, and of course a view on the lake and garden. (no bathroom/2 double beds). You will use 3 shared bathrooms next to the coffee lounge.

The Lonely House (400,000VND/2p/n)
This little cabin is in the back of the Village area and perfect for someone who's seeking for solitude, and quietness. You will be surrounded by the lake, the trees and the garden. (double bed). The shared bathrooms are 30m away, next to the coffee lounge

(*) Prices are including breakfast and will change during holidays in Vietnam

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