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Boat House

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This bungalow is right on the lake when the water is hight (usually from Oct-Mar). One of the rooms in this bungalow has a great view of the lake with windows cover three sides of it. You can hear the sound of the waves just like sleeping on a boat. the other room has a small window with a garden view.

We do not have much in the rooms, only 2 bedrooms with 2 double beds for 4 people, a private shower but no toilet. (shared toilets are 30m from the rooms)

The best memory in this room was a lovely proposal for a Malaysian couple. We only arrange a bunch of flowers and some little candles. It's definitely a romantic room for many other couples to celebrate honeymoon, birthday ...

We could only offer basic facilities, quietness, and peace with nature around, but we cannot guarantee convenience and comfort. You may find the room a bit cold during winter, a bit damp during the rainy season, and sometimes there are insects in the room like ants... We would provide an extra blanket, essential oil, and mosquitoes nest to help you have a good sleep at night.

Price: 1,000,000vnd/night including breakfast

Holiday or high season: 1,200,000VND/night

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